How it works

In this episode of our series "Vokabel Auslese mit Liebe gereift"

you will build and expand your vocabulary around

the topic "mein Körper, Krankheiten und Arztbesuche",

learn to talk about health problems and be able to conduct simple dialogues on this topic with friends or a doctor.

You can expect interactive videos, online exercises and quizzes, exercise sheets, games and much more.

The solutions for the exercises can be found at the end of the chapter, but you can send us the written exercise by e-mail

[email protected]

We will correct them personally and send you individual tips and recommendations.

If you still want to practice your oral skills, you can always book one of our "Conversation Cocktails", where you can practice your new vocabulary live online for 1.5 hours with a teacher and a small group of students.

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