Johanna & Linda

What awaits you ...

In this level you can expect more vocabulary and more speaking exercises.

We will keep asking you to make videos or audios of yourself and send them to us.

Take this chance to improve your speaking skills. We will give you useful and individual tips!

All our conversation exercises focus on real dialogues from everyday life and are practical.

Also, this time we've included a lot more audio examples with different speakers, so now you can also train your ear and get to know the Austrian dialect a bit ;)

Of course there is also grammar, especially everything around the topic "asking questions", and also the "favorite topics" of us: articles and adjectives are finally addressed.

You will be surprised how easy these chapters are with our "special method"!

And last but not least, the local and temporal prepositions ... the whole chapters, clearly brought together on one page. No questions remain unanswered!

But in general, the topic in A2.2. level is speaking! If you feel that you already understand German quite well, but "still can't" speak

... then this is the right level for you!

Usually at the end of A2 students start to speak in German and feel comfortable with the language. Asking questions, responding to questions, building longer sentences and being able to recall spontaneous responses. Finally being able to make small talk about everyday things, go to the post office, ask for directions.... all this and more awaits you here.

We wish you a lot of fun!

Johanna & Linda

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