Easy learning is not a brain problem, it is a problem of enthusiasm.

This is our conviction and our concept: We go off from the traditional ways and offer an free flowing, game-playing creative learning style.

Montessori, performing vocabulary, polaroid photos and bingo all help you learn.

And it’s actually fun.

You will learn to enjoy the language. And you will love it. Success and happyness guaranteed.

It’s like finally getting the cheat codes to German.

Our concept:

German for individualists.

Lone warriors, cheerleaders and chatterboxes, nerds and superheroes, free spirits and creatives, rebels and lateral thinkers, princesses and gamblers, geniuses and jokers, minimalists and party animals ... everybody finds something here.

We have the perfect individual solution for every type!

A special grammar chapter? A specific vocabulary topic? A conversation group or private lesson? A whole course or all together?

Pick out what YOU need!

In our Coffee Cup with Grammar Shot - series we present one single specific grammar topic in a very short time. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee and practice whenever you want with interactive videos, quizzes, writable exercise sheets and games.

In our Conversation Cocktail with Topic Mix – series we give students the opportunity to participate in a live conversation group online. In a very small group, different topics from all levels are discussed, debated, lectured and corrected for 1.5 hours. Enjoy this online conversation course comfortably on your couch with a cool cocktail and a clear head.

Or book direktly a whole level, with focus on YOUR needs, full of videos, real life exercises and more surprises, which you can do at your own pace.

No matter what you choose, you get lifetime access to all of our courses

and can download the whole material for use and reuse.

MMag. Johanna Pizzera

Teacher, entrepreneur, rebel & lateral thinker

Linda Zacharias, BA

Teacher, creative, free spirit & positive-thinker

After 6 years of experience and success with our method in our school in Vienna, we decided to open the doors and share it with the world....

... our online courses can be the happy ending you have been waiting for:

Welcome to the PiSA family